Beautiful South Andros

The Pointe Resort & Marina is located towards the southern end of Andros Island, the largest of the 700 islands and cays which make up the Bahamas. The Bahamas lies just 138 miles off the south coast of South Florida USA and less than 100 miles off the northern coast of Cuba and is celebrated as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.  South Anthros Island Map

The Bahamas boasts a mild sub-tropical climate with average temperature ranging between 69.5 and 83.5 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Andros Island is known for its great barrier reef which is ranked as the sixth longest in the world. The west side of the island is recognized internationally as having the largest habitat for marine species in the Caribbean which comprises a network of creeks, mangroves and estuaries which serve as the habitat for marine species such as spinney lobster, grouper and snappers, among many  others. Andros is one of the few remaining unspoiled destinations in the world with a total population of eight thousand on a land mass of approximately 4,000 square miles.

South Andros is internationally celebrated as the Bone fish and fly fish capital of the world with unlimited fishing flats on the west side of the island.

Map of Florida to the Bahamas